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Impactful Interviews

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As a medical expert, people regularly seek your advice or opinion and ask you to explain complex science.

The questions may come from peers, research bodies, regulators, financial analysts, pharmaceutical companies or journalists. It may be in a webcast, a media briefing or at a poster presentation.

Whenever it happens, you’re being interviewed.

As your profile is raised and you reach national and international recognition these opportunities increase greatly. They might include advisory boards, congress satellite meetings, sharing best practice debates or a scientific forum. Increasingly you may be asked to participate in an online or webcast interview with the editor of a medical journal following a newsworthy publication.

In these situations, good interview techniques are pivotal to communicating successfully.

  • Do you know what you are going to say and how to get your point across naturally, without sounding evasive or domineering?
  • Can you ensure that your interviewer understands and remembers your points well enough to convey it accurately to others?
  • Can you summarise your key points succinctly, in language your audiences can understand?
  • Do you have the skills to take control of the interview, steer the conversation back to your point and avoid getting side-tracked into non-relevant information?

Harness the art of clear and memorable spoken communications whatever your interview situation and become the sought- after medical expert whose opinions and experience are recognized and valued in your chosen field of medicine.

LionsDen’s impactful interview courses can help you with these essential spoken communication techniques.

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