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Presenting Medical Data

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As a medical expert you invest a lot of time in clinical and scientific research and are committed to sharing the findings with the wider medical community via publications, at conferences, in print and online.

Increasingly your conference presentation may be simultaneously broadcast on the internet to peers all over the world. It may also be available long after the event. In this digital age the spoken word is becoming an increasingly important tool for communicating with our intended audiences.

The ability to articulate advances in medicine in a way that is emotive or memorable as well as accurate is hugely valuable. In medicine as with many other disciplines clear communication is about the audience and the message, not just about data and results.

As the expert, other medical professionals are looking to you to bridge the knowledge gap between you and them. They also expect you to interpret the findings, and put them into the context of the local environment…in language they can understand.

Whether you are presenting the results of a new trial, a patient case study or trends in a specific disease, your perspective and expertise is key to teaching, inspiring and stimulating your audience in a way that is emotive or memorable.

To achieve this you need to combine factual accuracy with verbal, vocal and visual skills.

With the right coaching and advice you can achieve visible progress and grow in confidence to become a highly articulate, engaging and memorable presenter. As you leave your audience more knowledgeable and yearning for just a little bit more you will raise your profile in the medical community helping you achieve national and international recognition in your field and enhance your career in medicine.

LionsDen Medical can help you achieve this. We’ve been providing training courses in spoken communications for physicians and scientists all over the world since 1992.

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